Underwater Acoustics

Underwater acoustics is a field that is developing rapidly. A lot of knowledge is being developed, because the possible pressure on the ecosystem can be very large.

WaterProof is specialized in measuring and modeling underwater sound. We perform measurements, for example, during offshore piling work for the construction of new wind farms, to check whether levels remain below legal noise standards. We also carry out various research projects in which we carry out measurements to get a picture of the background noise level in the North Sea, the influence of ship noise in and around wind farms and the development of quieter seismic sources to reduce the impact on the ecosystem. We perform these measurements in accordance with the relevant and most recent ISO standards.

With our own developed Tritonic underwater sound model, we can model the expected sound levels of different sources at different distances from the source. This model has been validated on the basis of various data sets and we use it, for example, to determine effect distances on marine mammals or to predict at which distances certain standards are exceeded.

With our combination of measurements and underwater sound modelling, we help our clients prepare and execute their projects at sea.


Mitigation measures

Mitigating measures are taken to limit the effects of noise on the ecosystem. Carrying out work in less sensitive periods or technical solutions that reduce the propagation of sound underwater are examples of this. WaterProof has the expertise to advise you on this and the models to quantify its efficiency. Our mission is to enable the implementation of projects while preserving our natural values.