Underwater Acoustics

Underwater acoustics is a topic which is developing rapidly. The current knowledge is relatively limited whilst the pressure on the marine ecosystem can be potentially very large.

WaterProof B.V. is specialized in underwater acoustics, both for (policy) advisory and measurement campaigns. During field campaigns we conduct field measurements of sound propagation during e.g. pile driving or seismic surveys. One of the focusing areas of WaterProof B.V. are marine mammal baseline studies, in which project areas are surveyed for the presence of marine mammals. WaterProof B.V. aims specifically at the applied work field of underwater acoustics since the development of fundamental knowledge is already in good hands with renowned research institutes.


Underwater sound measurements

Employees of WaterProof B.V. have a strong track record in the execution of offshore measurement campaigns, placement of equipment on the seafloor and the execution of cable deployed ship based measurements. Careful preparation and a strong HSE policy ensures that WaterProof B.V. conduct measurements safely, effectively and purposefully. For conducting measurements, WaterProof B.V. regularly cooperates with specialized survey companies, to ensure that measurement equipment is deployed and retrieved with state-of-the-art equipment and experience.

Measurements that we conduct can be used as reference and for model validation purposes.


Marine mammals surveys

Common marine mammals species in the Dutch North Sea are the harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena), harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) and grey seal (Halichoerus grypus). Underwater sound plays an important role for these species, as they use sound for a variety of purposes (such as locating their prey), but they can also be disturbed by sounds at high levels. Also other organisms, such as fish and crustanean, produce underwater sound. A change in the acoustic environment can therefore have adverse effects on the marine ecosystem.

In cooperation with third parties, WaterProof B.V. conducts marine mammal surveys, by means of visual observations or CPODS, to observe the presence of marine mammals in project areas


Mitigation measures

Mitigation measures can be taken to minimize the effects of sound on the marine ecosystem. Execution of the works in less sensitive seasons or technical solutions that decrease propagation of underwater sound are some of the examples that can be applied. WaterProof B.V. has knowledge to advise on possible mitigation measures for your project. Our mission is to enable the realization of projects while at the same time protecting the unique values of our precious marine ecosystem.