WaterProof B.V. has two distinct areas of interest, with on one hand consultancy (often supported by numerical modelling studies) and on the other hand field measurements and services to support our consultancy. This integral approach enables us to optimally serve our Client and to ensure the successful realization of its project.


Specialized consultancy

WaterProof B.V. acts on the following four areas:

- Coasts and Seas

- Ports and Marine Infrastructure

- Marine Ecology

- Underwater Acoustics

Coasts & Seas

Ports & Infra

Underwater Acoustics

Marine Ecology

WaterProof B.V. Services

Several of our employees are fully offshore certified (BOSIET, HUET, OPITO), have their boating license and have experience in conducting field measurements. We offer our measurements in the following areas: underwater acoustics, OBS water quality, ADCP current measurements, wave and water level measurements.

Besides our in-house equipment, WaterProof B.V. has an extensive network of hydrographic specialized companies with whom we execute specialized measurements in close cooperation.