Executive board

Luitze Perk MSc

Luitze Perk is Director Coasts & Seas at WaterProof B.V. Luitze is a coastal engineer who graduated from Delft University of Technology in the field of Coastal morphodynamics.

Luitze’s core technical experience includes hydrodynamic, water quality, and morphodynamic studies. During his career, he has been involved in setting-up, calibrating and validating numerical hydrodynamic and morphodynamic models for shallow coastal seas and estuaries all over the world. He worked on numerous coastal development projects where he determined the effects of interventions on, among others; hydrodynamics, morphodynamics, density currents, re-circulation, wave penetration and nautical aspects.

As a member and later head of the hydro- and morphodynamic modelling team at ARCADIS, he has gained extensive knowledge on the consequences of interventions in coastal regions and estuaries. Based on his expertise in modelling, Luitze now provides specific advice in the field of coasts as Advisor Coastal Projects. Besides, Mr. Perk has been involved in numerous port related projects, located all over the world, where he further developed his knowledge on nautical aspects. These projects and others have additionally shaped Luitze’s project management experience.



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Roelant Snoek MSc

Roelant Snoek holds the position of Director Acoustics & Marine Services at WaterProof B.V. He studied Biology at the University of Groningen and graduated as a marine biologist. In the last years, he specialized on underwater acoustics in relation to offshore activities such as seismic exploration, pile driving, dredging operations and cable routing. Roelant has been working on environmental impact assessments for offshore winds farms in the North Sea. He is part of the Dutch Working Group on Underwater Sound, which defined an assessment methodology related to acoustics for offshore pile driving, including propagation modelling and defining criteria for threshold levels for marine mammals. In the past years, he conducted several offshore underwater acoustic measurement campaigns related to offshore activities and ambient noise.

By managing and conducting various national and international measurement campaigns, Roelant acquired extensive experience in the most optimal measurement campaign setup and strategy. This includes efficient equipment setup, to ensure the highest quality measurements. Health and safety aspects during measurement execution formed a key expertise within his projects. BOSIET & OPITO/HUET certified.

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Rinse de Swart MSc

Rinse de Swart holds the position of Junior Specialist Coasts & Sea at WaterProof B.V. He studied Physical Geography at Utrecht University, where he specialized in coasts and estuaries. For his master thesis, he studied salt intrusion and tidal propagation in an estuary with several downstream channels of variable lengths using a highly idealized Delft3D model. He finished his study with a five months internship at the Coastal Morphodynamics research group of Albert Falquès at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona). There, he studied the time evolution of a beach near Barcelona using video cameras and numerical modelling (Morfo55) .

At WaterProof B.V., Rinse mainly deals with numerical modeling and data analysis of hydrodynamics and morphodynamics in coastal zones. He was involved in the burial depth study for the electrical cable between Borssele (near Vlissingen, Netherlands) and the Borssele wind farm an the salt marsh study at the island of Terschelling. Besides that, he is involved in the development of the measuring buoy, where his main task is developing software for measuring wave conditions and underwater acoustics. Apart from that, he also makes sure the website is up to date.


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Kimberley Koudstaal MSc

Kimberley Koudstaal holds the position of Junior Specialist Coasts & Sea at WaterProof B.V. She studied Hydraulic Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, where she specialized in Coastal Engineering. During her master thesis at Deltares, she studied the roles of high and low frequency waves on wave run-up at an intermediate beach in South-Korea using XBeach. Apart from that, she spent two months in Chile as part of a multidisciplinary team to contribute to the development of a new road project in the town of San Pedro de la Paz. Here, she was mainly involved in studying how the different variants scored in the event of a tsunami.

At WaterProof B.V., Kimberley mainly deals with numerical modeling and data analysis of hydrodynamics and morphodynamics in coastal zones. She is involved in the study for reinforcement of the Prins Hendrikdijk at Texel and the study that aims to decrease the silt sedimentation at the port of Noordpolderzijl.


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 Stefan Schut MSc

Stefan Schut holds the position Junior Specialist Coasts & Seas at Waterproof B.V. He studied both Physics and Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam, where he developed a special interest in planetary atmospheres, hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. For his master thesis, he used the electron population in type Ib, Ic and II supernova remnants to trace back the history of the magnetic field strengths up to the progenitor star.

After his graduation, he spent a year assisting at physics laboratory courses at both the University of Amsterdam and at the VU Amsterdam. He also taught seminars in renewable energy at VU Amsterdam and several courses in mathematics at the Korteweg- de Vries institute and the faculty of Economics and Business at the UvA.

At WaterProof B.V., his current areas of interest are underwater sound produced by offshore human activities and electromagnetic fields, primarily generated by subsea power cables connecting offshore windfarms to shore.




ing. Marijke Olivierse

Marijke Olivierse holds the position of Project assistant Coasts & Sea at WaterProof B.V. She studied Coastal Zone and Sea Management at Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden. For her final thesis, she studied the effect of underwater acoustics resulting from simulated military active sonar on the behaviour of marine mammals in the Norwegian Lofoten area.

During the last several years, Marijke developed her project management skills.

At WaterProof B.V., Marijke deals with a wide variety of supporting tasks. Her work both focusses on project support as well as assistance with business processes.


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Our partners

Besides our own staff, we also closely cooperate with our partners.

prof. dr. Leo van Rijn

Prof. Dr. Leo van Rijn is an independent consultant since his retirement in 2011 from Delft Hydraulics/Deltares and the University of Utrecht and has over 40 years experience in basic hydraulics (river, tidal and coastal flows), sediment transport and morphology of rivers, estuaries and coasts. He has participated as a team member and as project manager in many hydraulic and morphological studies in the Netherlands and abroad, using both physical and mathematical models. Various mathematical models have been developed to compute the sedimentation of channels and basins. Another activity has been the development of instruments for measuring in-situ velocity and sediment transport in rivers, estuaries and coastal seas.

He has written five books about fluid mechanics, morphology and sediment transport:

- Principles of fluid flow and surface waves in rivers, estuaries, seas and oceans (1990,2011);  
- Principles of sediment transport in rivers, estuaries and coastal seas (1993, 2012);
- Principles of coastal morphology (1998);
- Principles of sedimentation and erosion engineering in rivers, estuaries, coastal seas (2005, 2012);
- Manual of sediment transport measurements (1986, 2007).


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Michel Ruijter MSc

Michel is a Civil engineer, specialized in coastal and harbour engineering. From the start of his career (in 1988), he has been involved in a large number of coastal, harbor and offshore projects. For many of the project related field measurements, he has been the lead engineer. For example, in the field of acoustic measurements, he has executed offshore acoustic measurements related to the propagation of sound in the neighborhood of a geophysical seismic survey. Besides the practical aspects of field work, Michel is also a capable software developer (Python, Visual Basic) and good in analyzing data and numerical modeling (currents, waves, water quality and ambient air quality). As a regatta sailor he designed, installed and retrieved deep water (400-600 m) mooring systems for small vessels and regatta buoys during international sailing events. He is BOSIET& OPITO/HUET certified.

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Michel van Staveren

After graduating from technical college (electronics, electrical engineering and computer science), Michel van Staveren worked in the process industry, the semiconductor industry and as a RD&E software developer. He founded Jato Cleanroom Supplies in 2007. Due to his activities as a RD&E software developer, he has extensive experience in all aspects of innovative control systems, measurement sensors and their applications. Since 2015, he collaborates with WaterProof on the development of the prototype buoy JaT01. This prototype is a scalable platform with a wide choice in components. Depending on the application, different forms of sensors, energy supply (batteries, with or without solar panels) and various communication options (Lora, GPRS or satellite) can be chosen.


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dr. Gerbrant van Vledder

Gerbrant van Vledder (1957) is specialist consultant regarding numerical wave modelling, coastal engineering and oceanography. His work connects theory with practical applications. Gerbrant studied Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology and obtained his Masters degree in 1983 on the subject of the statistics of wave groups in wind generated waves. He obtained his PhD in 1990, for which he studied methods of wave prediction, focusing on the role of non-linear four-wave interactions. From 1988 to 1996 he worked at WL|Delft Hydraulics (now part of Deltares) in the field of coastal engineering with a focus on the development and application of numerical wave models.

From 1996-2011 he worked at Alkyon Hydraulic Consultancy & Research in the field of coastal engineering and wave modelling. From 2011 to 2013 he worked at BMT ARGOSS as a senior advisor on Oceanography and Wave Modelling. From 2007 till 2014 he was also part-time associate professor in the Section Environmental Fluid Mechanics, in the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Since 2014 he is a visiting scientist in this group. He is also a member of the SWAN and SWASH development teams. In October 2013 he started as an independent advisor in the fields of wave modeling and hydraulic research.



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